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Why Saudi Arabia?




Why Saudi Arabia?

(Read the ARAB NEWS (newspaper) here)

     Certainly, there are many reasons for selling all or most of your personal belongings, severing most if not all ties with Canada, packing up and leaving family and friends behind,  and heading off to the Middle East:

bulletTo work in a multi-cultural work force and save as much money as possible.
bulletTo travel:  Saudi Arabia is in the middle of the world, with close access to Europe, Africa, the Far East, as well as Australia and New Zealand.
bulletTo make enough money to pay off bills at home that have accumulated over the years, (ie student loan, alimony,  or that pesky VISA bill),  or save for a house or further education at home.
bulletTo escape personal relationships that have gone astray at home and maybe meet someone new and have a fresh start (this happens quite a often)
bulletFor the adventure and experience. You will never forget it.
bulletTo get a great sun tan.

    However, making this trip to the Saudi Arabia is not for everyone. You need to be adventurous and independent, patient and have an open mind. If you are a female, it is a bit more difficult as well. Women from the west who decide to make the trip tend to be highly intelligent, independent, strong willed, all characteristics that are not the 'norm' for Saudi (Moslem) women.  The tradition there is that women should stay home with the children and keep the abode clean. However, Saudi women are slowly making their way into the work force.

All Laws are based on the Holy Koran and the Surriya (Religious) Court

     Saudi Arabia is an extremely wealthy country, and it is also the home of the two Holiest Islamic Sites in the World:

Medina: The birth place of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), the last prophet of God, the author of the Koran, the Holy book of Islam.

Mecca: The site of the Holy Kabba, and the place where millions of pilgrims gather every year for the Haj, one of the 7 pillars of Islam.

The people of Saudi Arabia are governed by a monarchy, headed by the Al Saud Family, and the laws of the country are found and followed, to the letter, by the words  of the Holy Koran.  Saudi Arabia is a world within a world, they use a different calendar than we do; fives times per day, every day, everything shits down for 20 minutes so that everyone can go and pray to God. This includes banks, restaurants, fast food places, gas stations, and yes, even shopping centers.  Its a country unlike you will ever visit anywhere else in the world, except maybe Iran, or some of the smaller African countries like Algeria.  (Public Executions)

Things move very slowly in Saudi Arabia, the people like to take their time with everything, (except driving). It is bureaucracy at it's best, and you need tons of patience when you are dealing with them. If you don't have any patience when you arrive, you will when you leave. 

Ten (10) Years that Changed My Life, Forever...

I highly recommend any young technologist, who has two to three years experience, and has no personal ties in Canada except immediate family, who is looking for a change, excitement, and wants to gain some excellent experience in life. to take the chance and experience the mystic of the Middle East. It just may change your life like it did mine as I met my wife there and two of our children were born there.  What initially started as sending my resume on a whim turned into three tours of going to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia over a span of 10 years. During that time, I was part of the Gulf War, worked in the best hospital in the Middle East, possibly all of south west Asia, met my wife, had two children born there, made numerous friendships which some still last to this day, did lots of traveling, and turned out appreciating being a Canadian and what it means to live in one of the best countries in the world.

It's a decision not to be taken lightly, but heh, go for it if you think it might be fun, and man oh man, it may turn out to be a trip of a light time.

Go for it!

Red Sand Dunes border lush green vegetation.





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