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Schools in Riyadh



Schooling in Riyadh

Public schools as we know them here at home are different in Saudi Arabia. Public schools are for the Saudi's only, and they are segregated till after high school. It is possible that a male Saudi pupil will not see a female student until they go to University. Again, this according to the Holy Koran and keeping with the strict Islamic faith.

There are excellent private schools in Riyadh, and in the Kingdom in general. However, they are very expensive, especially the American International School. My daughter attended kindergarten at this school. The tuition was just over $11,000 Canadian dollars. Luckily, my employer paid most of this incredible tab, I had to pay around $4000. 

Despite the very hefty tuition prices, the school is excellent. My daughter was reading and printing when she finished kindergarten, and she had completed a small project on dinosaurs.

The links to two of the International schools are below:

American International School: Riyadh

British International School: Riyadh


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